Wishfulfilling Jewel With Lamrim

Everyone Welcome. Our daily Wishfulfilling Jewel with Lamrim session include Buddhist prayers with a 15 minute silent meditation.

Wishfulfilling Jewel is a special Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa combined with the condensed sadhana of his Dharma Protector and a 20 minute silent meditation. This puja includes two practices revealed by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. The first is a special Guru yoga in which we visualize our Spiritual Guide as Je Tsongkhapa, who himself is a manifestation of Manjushri.
By relying upon this practice, we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings. In this way, we will naturally accomplish all the realisations of the stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra, and in particular we will attain a very special Dharma wisdom.

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