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children on a school trip to kmc leeds meditating
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Meditation is a way of calming and training our mind to be happy. It is easy to do, and something everyone can learn.

Meditation has many benefits, and is a valuable tool that can be learnt from a young age. Through becoming familiar with meditation and by practising mindfulness in our daily activities, we can control our feelings and emotions, gain inner strength and confidence, and develop into a happier individual.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Leeds offers meditation classes for students of all ages, from primary through to college / university.

Classes are tailored to the group and we can adapt the format to cover specific topics you may be covering in your coursework, bringing the subject to life.

In this way, students learn powerful methods to overcome stress and anxiety and improve their relationships. This often brings benefit to their families as well.

Our teachers are trained following specially designed study programmes and are dedicated to helping people find the peace of mind everyone is looking for.

We can also teach a class for the staff 🙂

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  • Your school visits KMC Leeds

    £50 per hour or part of hour

  • KMC Leeds visits your school

    £75 per hour or part of hour

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