Meditation at Work

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Meditation is a way of training the mind to be more peaceful. It’s easy to do, and anyone can learn.

KMC Leeds can come into your workplace and teach staff practical techniques to overcome anxiety and gain mental space and clarity. This features a one-off guided session, teaching practical meditation techniques to put into practice in daily life.

Staff will learn how meditation can improve every aspect of life, including:

  • letting go of stress
  • gaining inner strength
  • improving relationships at work and home
  • improving sleep

The sessions given are from the Buddhist tradition but the classes are suitable for everyone, of any faith or none.

KMC Leeds has many years experience providing meditation sessions for companies. We have a wide variety of teachers who deliver the sessions in a practical and accessible way.

Book a meditation session at your office

£100 per hour / part of hour

Book a meditation session at KMC Leeds

£75 per hour / part of hour

people meditating in the workplace in leeds
  • Practical techniques

  • Emphasise staff wellbeing

  • Led by qualified and experienced teachers




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